A Self-Test Is No Longer Enough When Visiting Pubs and Events

Visits to certain services, restaurants, or cultural and sporting events are becoming increasingly difficult for people. Until recently, they could prove that they had passed an antigen self-test. This is no longer an option. If a person does not have a completed vaccination, a certificate of illness or a negative laboratory test, he or she can use the self-test, but must take it directly at the point of entry to the establishment or premises.

In recent days, individual regional health stations have begun to inspect cultural events more frequently. And they are finding that the organisers themselves often do not know what to ask of their visitors.

So what are the current rules for visiting restaurants, cultural events or services? 

The advantage is that, at the moment, they are at least more or less unified, so you don’t have to differentiate too much whether you are going to a football match or to the hairdresser. Usually, the so-called OTN system applies, i.e. – Vaccination – Test – Illness. Anyone who can prove that at least 14 days have passed since the last dose of vaccine was administered is eligible for the vaccination. 

The negative test point is met by anyone who documents that they have either had an RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 virus with a negative result no more than 7 days ago or had a POC test for SARS-CoV-2 virus antigen with a negative result no more than 72 hours ago.

However, at the individual events, you will read that there is another option: to undergo a preventive antigen self-test on the spot with a negative result. This applies to everything from clubs to spas to accommodation facilities. However, this does not apply to traveling abroad, for example.

It was decided at the end of June that the self-test was no longer sufficient, yet it was not very loudly presented to the public. “We have unified the rules so that the same conditions for entry apply everywhere, plus adults can use tests from work and children from school, or there is the possibility to test on the spot. This will make attending events and services both accessible and safe for all,” explained Health Minister Adam Vojtěch in a press release.