A “silent” tram operated in Liberec

The so-called “silent tram” was operating in Liberec. Passengers could learn how to say hello or thank you in sign language directly from deaf people or interpreters. This special tram is managed by the Liberec Transport Company every year. 

This tram is called silent, but it is very busy. Just a few stops and you’re done with the sign language crash course.

“People ask a lot about the basic conversation. They are interested in words like hello, goodbye, thank you, but also in spicy things like how to show a beer, “says interpreter Lucie Romancová.

The transport company organized this unique event for the fifth time. Its purpose is to make ordinary passengers aware of the pitfalls that deaf people have to face on public transport.

“For example, they cannot hear the announcements of stops, terminals, line closures and so on,” explains Martina Poršová, spokesperson for the Transport Company of Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou.