The Indian summer is not over: favorable temperatures of 26 °C will be disrupted by thunderstorms and rain

The sunny weather of the last few days will be replaced by rain and thunderstorms. Still, we will continue to see relatively warm weather. According to meteorologists, temperatures will be between 22 and 26 °C throughout the coming week. The Indian summer is not over yet.

It will be clear to partly cloudy on Saturday, with occasional showers or thunderstorms, especially in the western half of the country. “The highest daily temperatures will be between 19 and 23 °C, in the eastern half of the territory between 23 and 27 °C,” the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute predicts.

Sunday will be cloudy to partly cloudy. Meteorologists expect occasional showers. “Occasional thunderstorms will occur, especially in Moravia. The lowest night temperatures will reach 15 to 11 °C. The highest daytime temperatures will be 20 to 24 °C,” the meteorologists said.

Monday will also be relatively warm, with daytime temperatures of 21 to 25 °C. During the day, it will be cloudy to partly cloudy, with isolated showers in the east. Fog may also appear in the morning.