A Total Of 3 Million Czechs Have Been Fully Vaccinated

Coronavirus vaccinations began in the Czech Republic and most other EU nations on December 27th of last year. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) and Emilie Řepíková, a 55-year-old war veteran, were among the first to receive the vaccination from Pfizer and BioNTech. 2.87 million Czechs have received complete immunizations in less than a year. 

According to the Ministry of Health, 7,690,111 vaccine doses had been provided, and 2,870,083 people had finished their vaccinations by Thursday, June 24. Vaccines from Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer/BioNTech are used. There has also been talking about deploying Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine, backed by President Miloš Zeman, already used in Hungary and Slovakia, but it has not yet received EU approval. 

The city with the highest vaccination rate is Prague, where the vaccine has been provided with the most significant doses. In half a year, 1,266 409 vaccines were given out, equating to 95 076 doses per 100,000 people. The South Bohemia Region (75 712 doses per 100 000 inhabitants) and the Hradec Králové Region (75 712 doses per 100 000 inhabitants) come in second and third, respectively. 

On the other hand, the slowest vaccination rates are in the Central Bohemia and Pardubice districts, where 58 192 and 63 515 doses of covid vaccine per 100 000 individuals, respectively, were provided (the national average is 71 803). 

As a result, the Czech Republic has 71.8 vaccination doses per 100 inhabitants, which is lower than the EU average, while Malta is the top-performing EU country (144 doses per 100 people). So far, around 336 million vaccination doses have been delivered throughout the EU (about 75 doses per 100 people).

Hungary (96 doses per 100 people) and Cyprus come in second and third, respectively (86 per 100 inhabitants). Germany has vaccinated 83 doses per 100 individuals, Austria has vaccinated 79 per 100 people, Poland has vaccinated 73 per 100 people, while Slovakia has only vaccinated 62 per 100 people.