About 70% of Czechs Think the Government Handled the Pandemic Poorly

It was reported that 70 percent of Czechs think that the government has not managed the Covid-19 crisis well. Slovaks are the only nation to have a lower score among Central and Eastern European countries.

After a year of the pandemic in the Czech Republic, 70 percent of Czechs consider the government’s response to the spread of infection to be inadequate. Only 28 percent of respondents think the government did a good job. Compared to other Central and Eastern European countries, the Czechs, after Slovakia, are the most critical of the government’s approach.

Only Austrians and Hungarians were satisfied with the government in managing the pandemic. This follows from the analysis of public opinion polls in ten Central and Eastern European countries published by Globsec.

The report shows that the countries of Central and Eastern Europe were among the most affected with second wave of coronavirus.

“There are several factors that contributed to this debacle, including the widespread loosening of security measures during the summer, insufficient preparation for the second wave, and hesitant attitudes to reintroduce lockdown in autumn and winter, along with poor quality healthcare systems “, the creators of the analysis confirm.

One way to reduce the spread of the virus in the future is to vaccinate against Covid-19. Therefore, the survey also focused on whether the inhabitants of the surveyed countries plan to be vaccinated or are already vaccinated. The vaccination potential happens to be the lowest in Bulgaria, where only 38 percent of respondents are vaccinated or plan to be vaccinated.