BabyBox boom: a third baby was found in a BabyBox this week 

Someone dropped off a roughly six-week-old baby girl in a baby box at the hospital in Přerov on Friday afternoon. She was named Zoe, said Ludvík Hess, founder of the baby box network. This is the second baby abandoned in the Olomouc Region this week. In total, 224 babies have been abandoned in the Czech Republic so far.

“It’s a girl, about six weeks old, dressed in an exemplary manner, wearing a cap with purple stripes, wrapped in a swaddling blanket with pictures of animals,” Hess said. “In addition to the pacifier, the donors included paper documentation,” added the founder of the baby box network. He said Zoe is the tenth baby this year; she is the fourth baby from Přerov hospital and the 122nd girl.

According to information from the hospital, she weighed 2,700 grams and measured 48 centimeters. She was carefully dressed and wrapped in a cuddly blanket.

On Monday, paramedics in Pelhřimov found the abandoned boy. “The little girl, Zoe confirmed my experience that babies are often put in the baby box one after the other,” commented Hess.

About two months earlier, on June 11, a four-month-old healthy boy was dropped off in a baby box at a hospital in Šumperk. The baby was fine and had his birth certificate with him.