Respirators vs. environment: increase of piled up rubbish in greenery areas

National parks, protected landscape areas, and outdoor spaces of monuments are filled with trash. Many people don’t want to wear masks or prove they are infection-free indoors, so they prefer to spend time outdoors. The untidy among them pollute nature with their garbage.

Many people have appeared in recent weeks at the Hrádek castle near Nechanice in the Hradec Králové Region because of the obligation to wear masks. Yet, they did not go for the indoor tour and preferred to walk around the castle park.

“Unfortunately, we also meet those who tell us that they don’t like it. We can estimate that the number of visitors to the outdoor area has increased, and with it, of course, the need to remove rubbish and operate public toilets, ” confirmed Martin Rejman, the castellan of the chateau.

According to František Pojer from the Agency for Nature and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic, people in several places in Central Bohemia are also dealing with more litter. “Svatý Jan pod Skalou, Serbia, which is the heart of the Bohemian Karst, or Karlštejn and so on,” Pojer mentioned.

People found all kinds of cans, plastic bottles, or handkerchiefs in just two minutes on their way around the local quarry, even though there are garbage bins at every spot.

Luckily, there are still visitors who clean up after themselves. The situation is different in the Ore Mountains, for example. According to the mayors, there is a great interest among tourists in the local trails, but there are no reports of increased clutter.