Prague’s public transport will strengthen its connections from September. What will change?

The daily operation of Prague Integrated Transport (PID) lines will return to the way it was in March 2020, i.e., before the pandemic. Intervals will be shortened, school buses will operate, and suburban lines will also return to their original form.

Due to lower passenger numbers, night public transport and airport services will not be expanded for the time being. The new timetables for metro and trams will start on Saturday 28 August and for buses on Wednesday 1 September.

There will be no changes to the obligations related to compliance with the anti-covid hygiene rules. Filip Drápal, the spokesman for Ropid, the organization that plans the PID, gave the information on Wednesday. Schedules have been adjusted extensively in recent months because of the pandemic – 10,000 changes in total.


The shortest intervals will return to metro lines in the morning:

  • Line A 150 seconds
  • Line B 140 seconds
  • Line C 115 seconds

Trams will run every eight minutes at peak times and the backbone lines of 9, 17, and 22 every four minutes. For the city’s bus backbone lines, morning intervals will be reduced to six minutes or five minutes for the busiest services.

“In view of the continuing lower evening and night-time numbers of passengers and tourists, moderate restrictions on bus line 119 to Václav Havel Airport, extended evening intervals between 21:00 and 22:00 and no further strengthening of night-time tram and bus operations on weekends and holidays will remain in force for the time being,” added Drápal.

New stop Muzeum

Passengers traveling on Prague’s night public transport will be able to use the new night bus stop at Muzeum in the direction of Hlavní nádraží from Saturday 28 to Sunday 29 August. The stop will serve bus lines 905, 907, 908, and 911. Until now, the night lines stopped in the direction of the north of the city at I. P. Pavlova and then at the Main Railway Station. In the opposite direction, the museum stopped working.

The stop is located directly opposite the tram stop on lines 11 and 13, where there used to be a temporary stop during metro closures. “The creation of the new stop was made possible by the overall modification of the intersection related to the creation of crosswalks,” explained Drápal. The left turn lane, which led nowhere, was removed, while the other lanes were moved to the left, making room for a new stop bay for night buses. The creation of the bus stop does not impede car traffic.

Some stops have new names

In addition to the new stop, from Saturday the Černokostelecká stop will be renamed Nové Strašnice, and the original stop of the same name will be renamed Limuzská. The tram stop Výstaviště Holešovice will bear the new name only Výstaviště.

Further changes will take place from 1 September 2021, when line 187 will run from Nádraží Holešovice via Jankovcova, Pelc-Tyrolka and Parkoviště Trojský most back to Nádraží Holešovice. The new lines 409 from Prague’s Suchdolské náměstí to Velke Přílepy in Central Bohemia and 415 from Sídliště Radotín to Karlík will be introduced.

 Line 315 will be canceled. Buses number 204, 223, and 224 will have a new stop at the Sports Centre Horní Počernice.