Benešová: The aim is to hit the ANO party before the elections

The Czech Minister of Justice, Marie Benešová, claims that the Pandora Papers linked to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš have the purpose of negatively impacting people’s opinions of his ANO party before next weekend’s elections.

Speaking on Monday, Benešová said it is not the first time such a pre-election scandal has occurred in the Czech Republic, referring to a similar situation before the 2006 Czech national elections.

She stated that the purpose of the scandal was to diminish ANO because of the party’s rise in the election polls. According to Benešová, it is not her ministry’s responsibility to investigate this specific case. Whoever uncovered the allegations should have followed the official procedure, first filing a criminal complaint.

However, according to a spokesperson statement on Monday, the Czech police’s organized crime unit will examine the information in the Pandora Papers, which is related to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and a significant number of other Czechs.