The Ministry will discuss tightening measures before the elections

The Health Ministry will decide in the second half of the week just before the elections whether to tighten some measures due to the rising number of infected people. The chief hygienist Pavla Svrčinová stated this. Svrčinová said last week’s statistics were distorted by Tuesday’s public holiday.

“We will evaluate the figures and decide what to do next. However, there will not be any widespread measures such as closing down establishments, but only regime measures, ” Svrčinová said.

In early September, the hygienist outlined that restaurants could be made available only to people with reservations. Dispensing windows in a “click and collect” model could return or restrictions on attendees at mass events.

Svrčinová said the respective health stations are addressing the more affected areas in the regions. Labs confirmed 550 new positives for Saturday, the most for the weekend since mid-May. Sunday added 314 cases, 65 more than the previous Sunday.

The infection is spreading most in the Prague, Moravian-Silesian, and South Bohemia regions. One of the most affected regions is the České Budějovice region, where more than 86 infected people per 100,000 inhabitants have been infected in the last week.