Change of measure: after having COVID-19 confirmed by a PCR, people will not have to undergo testing or quarantine for another 30 days

People who have had COVID-19 confirmed by a PCR test will not have to undergo testing or quarantine for another 30 days. This was approved on Wednesday by Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) government.

“Thirty days after a positive test, people will not have to undergo testing,” Fiala announced after the meeting. Therefore, the new measure applies to people who have had the disease confirmed by an official PCR test, i.e., not an antigen test, and have successfully treated the disease.

Health Minister Vlastimi Válek (TOP 09) subsequently added that these people would not have to be quarantined for thirty days after contact with another infected person.

“In the Czech Republic, the omicron variant is almost 100 percent. Those who have had it are free of the risk of becoming infected for 30 days from the date the test is taken,” the minister explained. The measure is due to come into force on Wednesday.

Validity of the certificate

Depending on how the epidemic situation develops, Minister Válek also foresees that testing in schools and companies could be limited or stopped in mid-February.

Then, from February 15, the COVID certificate will also cease to be valid for people who are more than nine months away from the second dose, Minister Válek announced. This was originally due to applying from the beginning of the month. However, the restriction only applies to adults aged 18 and over.