The Czech Republic is sending thousands of artillery shells to Ukraine


Today, the government decided to donate 4,000 artillery shells to Ukraine for about CZK 37 million. Minister Černochová described it as a gesture of solidarity.

Defence Minister Jana Černochová (ODS), who proposed the donation to the cabinet, sees it as a significant act of solidarity. The Czech Republic wants to use the donation to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities. The Czech Republic will send 4006 pieces of 152-millimeter artillery ammunition to Ukraine, worth CZK 36.6 million. It will be transferred through a donation agreement.

The Czech army uses the donated ammunition for the DANA self-propelled gun howitzers. The soldiers have sufficient stocks of this ammunition and are reminded that the shells will not be used in the newly acquired guns that the Czech Republic is buying from France. These will correspond to the 155-millimeter caliber used by NATO-allied countries.

Černochová mentioned that Ukraine had sent a list of demands, and the Czech Republic had chosen to receive assistance in artillery ammunition. According to Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský (Pirates), the Czech Republic is also considering other aid forms. The minister added that Ukraine had not asked the Czech Republic for personnel assistance.

Former defense minister Lubomír Metnar (ANO) reacted to the government’s decision on Twitter. Referring to the positions of Germany and Croatia, he asked whether there is a consensus on a common EU approach towards Russia and whether this approach is coordinated. The United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, and the Baltic countries, for example, have recently pledged or have already sent military aid.

Russia has deployed tens of thousands of troops along its border with Ukraine and Belarus. Kyiv and some Western countries say Moscow is preparing for a possible invasion of Ukraine. Russia denies this.