Covid Update: 126 Cases Of the Delta Variant Have Been Found

So far, 126 cases of delta variant coronavirus have been confirmed in Czech laboratories. Since Monday, six new cases have been reported in the South Moravian Region and two in Prague. The State Health Institute (SZÚ) spokeswoman, Štěpánka Čechová, informed. 

According to the spokeswoman, another case of the delta variety, dominant in Peru, has yet to emerge, leaving the current issue as the only one. The common virus and the alpha variation, also known as the British variant, are more contagious than the delta version, formerly known as the Indian variant. 

“The country’s detection of the delta variation is increasing gradually, while no definite upward trend has yet been seen. Despite the precautions taken to keep the virus from entering our country, the upward trend is likely to continue,” said Helena Jiřincová, head of the National Reference Laboratory for Influenza and Non-Influenza Respiratory Viral Diseases.

Due to concerns about the spread of the delta variant, the government tightened the means of verifying the infection-free status: It announced the start of required tests while returning to the Czech Republic from abroad on Thursday. The adjustments will take effect on Friday, July 9th. 

In the Czech Republic, 4,830 samples have been sequenced so far. Since July, all laboratories have been required to test samples from patients suspected of having coronavirus infection using the discriminating PCR method. Up to 4500 whole-genome sequencings can be completed per month. Experts agree that careful surveillance of novel variations and preferred tracing of infected people can help avoid the outbreak of a new wave.