Film Professional Loses His Legs While Preparing a Prop in Prague

Three people were seriously injured after a barrel burst in Prague’s Žižkov neighborhood on Friday afternoon, according to rescuers. The explosion happened when a man was prepping props for a movie scene. Two men sustained burns, and one lost his lower limbs. 

The collision happened on Trocnovská Street in Žižkov, near the Florenc bus stop and just below the Vítkov memorial. A barrel was poised to burst at the scene, according to firefighters. The event took place when he was preparing to film an episode of a Swiss crime drama. 

“We currently have three injured people in our care, but that number could change. An ambulance spokeswoman, Jana Poštová, said one of the men is in critical condition after losing his lower limbs, while the other two are conscious but have burns and bruises.

Police and firefighters are also on the site. “Our chemists are currently examining the substance in the barrel. During the handling, there was an explosion. According to the firefighters, the police are looking into the details.

The investigation into the incident’s circumstances is still in its early stages, and authorities have not released any information. The explosion occurred when prop makers were preparing goods for film production by taking the lid off a barrel with adhesive residue. Then, a spark jumped from the cut, resulting in an explosion. 

According to preliminary information, homeless people were among the injured since they were camping near the bridge piers where the filmmakers had parked their vans and where the explosion occurred.