COVID’s numbers are insane. Action must come soon, says Rakušan

Petr Horník

Vít Rakušan, the chair of the STAN movement and likely Interior Minister described Tuesday’s COVID numbers as “crazy.” The government will have to come up with further measures. He told reporters at the memorial to the November events on Národní třída in Prague on Wednesday.

“Today’s numbers look crazy. Measures will have to be taken, and the situation will have to be dealt with, ” Rakušan said without further details.

A record 22,479 people were infected on Tuesday, the most since the pandemic began. Compared to Monday, that’s almost double the increase. Hospitals then have 4,425 people hospitalized with COVID, and facilities have to limit care.

He did not suggest what measures the emerging government might come up with. He merely lamented that the outgoing government of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš’s  (ANO) movement and the ČSSD “gives the impression that it is no longer governing.”

Since last Thursday’s resignation, the cabinet has been running the state, pending the appointment of a new government made up of representatives of ODS, TOP09, KDU-ČSL, Pirates, and the Mayors.

“The government must stop lying to the people, and it must say the situation is serious. We will not argue in front of the cameras. The government will speak with one voice,” Rakušan said, adding that this procedure will hopefully help increase citizens’ trust in the government and its actions.