Health Minister Vojtěch Doesn’t Know Where People Get Infected

The number of people infected with Covid in the Czech Republic is slowly rising. The reproductive count has reached 1.3. The situation in Prague is deteriorating. However, because the number of people testing positive is still in the hundreds every day, the sanitation service should pinpoint where the majority of the infected people have gone. 

“I am especially watching the subject of imports and the age structure,” mentioned Vojtěch. Hygiene would be aware of the locations where they become sick. In terms of age structure, we know that people aged 16 to 29 in Prague are the least vaccinated and that imports from abroad are essential. 

In addition to tracking, Válek, a doctor and the leader of the TOP 09 MPs stressed the importance of PCR testing and sample sequencing. The goal should be to uncover breakouts and intervene “surgically” when necessary. 

Zdeňka Jágrová, a hygienist in Prague, had inquired as to whether the hygiene department was aware of where people had contracted Covid.”Families are the most likely places for an illness to spread. Young people bring the virus home, and if they aren’t vaccinated, the rest of the family becomes ill,” Jágrová explained. 

Where did the young individuals get infected, and how did they get infected? 

“We can only speculate about the causes of the spread among the young,” Jágrová said. “However, given that we dealt with some form of celebration every day at different levels the week before last and last week, where the willingness to cooperate in wearing masks and keeping apart is very low, we can conclude that there is also a general looseness.”

According to the Prague hygienist, no specific epidemic has yet occurred. “For example, we are unaware of an outbreak in university dorms.”Or that it applies to anyone who has visited a restaurant or a retail shop. We are unable to provide that information due to a lack of knowledge. The source of the epidemic has yet to be identified. We haven’t figured out where the first individual in the family became infected, but it’s usually a familial occurrence. ”