Food delivery is booming. New players are coming in

Due to the pandemic and changing habits, home delivery of groceries is growing domestically. As a result, it is attracting new players while existing ones expand their offerings and territory coverage.

It’s easy and fast. On the internet, on a mobile phone or computer, a customer can find and order what they need at any hour of the day or night, while also setting a delivery time, perhaps to their doorstep on the top floor. Even if the customer is in quarantine or isolation, this can be considered. In this case, he communicates with the courier by phone, leaving the purchase at the door.

So, while the pandemic led to the closure last year of Restu, which provided online restaurant menus and reservations for eight years, the number of delivery services is growing.

At the turn of the year, the Estonian company Bolt, also known as an alternative taxi, was the last to launch a food delivery service in part of Prague. It plans to expand the service to other cities in addition to Prague in January. Gradually, this could include Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc, Pilsen, or České Budějovice, locations where Bolt’s couriers already deliver food from restaurants.

“As part of the introductory prices associated with the launch of the new service, we currently have free delivery within a three-kilometer radius of the Bolt Market in Vršovice. Then it depends on the distance. It’s similar to the restaurants in the Bolt Food app. We will still deliver to Karlín for free, to Smíchov for up to 20 CZK, and to Holešovice for up to 50 CZK. The prices are, in my opinion, very favorable, especially considering the speed of delivery, ” Bolt Market manager Karel Složil said.