Glass bottles are back!

Returnable bottles of mineral water are returning to the shelves of Czech shops. Beverage companies want to be more environmentally friendly, so Czech bottled drinks market leaders are starting to bottle drinks in the glass again. The backed-up bottles will hit selected stores later this month.

Mattoni started bottling sparkling and still mineral water in new one-liter bottles in Kyselka in the Karlovy Vary region this Friday. Apart from ecological reasons, the company also turned to glass for aesthetic reasons. “We wanted to enable people to have a nice evening at home, for example, a birthday party, where glass packaging fits exactly,” explains Andrea Brožová, spokeswoman for Mattoni.

The company said it was based on customer requirements. It invested tens of millions of crowns in its development and production. The modified line can fill up to 20,000-liter bottles per hour.

The backup bottles of mineral water will only appear on the shelves of one chain store for the time being. The capacity of the bottling line is to be increased according to the interests of customers and other chains. It’s better than plastic, ” says one customer of the movement.

Kofola also wants to offer returnable glass bottles. Kofola’s communications manager, Pavel Barvík, emphasizes: “Our goal is to have our entire packaging portfolio in a sustainable environmental regime by 2030,” 

Kofola’s returnable beverage bottles are due to hit the shelves next spring. Customers can buy Mattoni mineral water before the end of September.