A man in the Uherské Hradiště region crashed a car he had bought shortly before

HZS Zlínského kraje

A man who bought a used Ford Escort in Uherské Ostroh in the Uherské Hradiště region on Saturday afternoon was unusually unlucky. Shortly afterward, he crashed it, wrecked the car, and ended up in hospital with injuries. Lucie Javoříková, a spokeswoman for the firefighters, reported this on social media.

Professional firefighters went to Blatnická Street in Uherské Ostroh to investigate a curious traffic accident.

“It happened after a man purchased a Ford Escort vehicle from its owner. However, he did not enjoy the new car for long. After driving about two hundred meters, he crashed into a car parked on the side of the road. After the impact, he rolled the car onto its roof. He ended up in the care of paramedics who transported him to the hospital with his injuries, “the spokeswoman said.

She said the firefighters from Veselí nad Moravou, who are closest to the scene, were the first to arrive. Firefighters from Uherské Hradiště arrived shortly after.

“After removing the crashed vehicle, the firefighters cleared the roadway of shards and debris from the cars and returned to their station,” Javoříková added. Police are investigating the circumstances of the accident.