In the center of Prague, people demonstrated against coronavirus restrictions in schools

Around 300 people demonstrated in Prague’s Old Town Square on Sunday afternoon to return schoolchildren to classrooms without restrictions. The action by the Right to Live group, which brings together the Trikolóra, Svobodní, and Soukromníci movements, went off without any disturbances.

Approximately 300 people attended the event. Czech flags, in particular, were visible above the crowd, and several speakers took the stage. For example, musician Daniel Landa, who previously spoke publicly against government measures, attended the rally.

The event in the center of the capital was not without complications. Among the measures in force since 1 September, pupils have to undergo a coronavirus test, except for those who have been vaccinated or had the covid in the last 180 days.

Depending on the results, additional waves of testing and measures will follow if necessary. The assumption is that if there are more than 25 positive tests per 100,000 performed, testing will likely continue beyond September 9 in the affected region.

So far, as of Sunday, 86 percent of schools have reported results from the first testing of students at the start of the school year to the Health Ministry. They have confirmed 111 cases of infection.