Monday…. Almost Everything Opens!

According to Health Minister Adam Vojtech, the Czech Republic is about to undergo a major loosening.

“We have agreed that the restrictions must be significantly relaxed. The reason is not only epidemiological but also legal “Adam Vojtech, Minister of Health, made the announcement following a hastily convened government meeting on Friday.

Restaurants, for example, will open at midnight on Monday, and strict epidemiological measures will be implemented. Swimming pools and wellness facilities will also be available. Establishments will require proof of vaccination, illness, or a negative test.

There will also be bars and discos, as well as gambling halls and casinos. There will be strict restrictions that each business will have to follow. According to chief hygienist Pavla Svrčinová, the police will increase inspection activities.

The ministry accelerated the relaxation compared to the plan after receiving a decision from the Supreme Administrative Court that the blanket closure of services is illegal.”

The Supreme Administrative Court believes that we lack competence under either pandemic law or public health law to close services across the board “Vojtech stated.

He stated that the government will file a constitutional challenge to the ruling. But that doesn’t change the fact that it will be loosened. “If the judgment hadn’t forced us to do so, I would have suggested a more gentle loosening. However, the epidemic situation is improving “Vojtech offered his thoughts on the decision.