Restaurants And Indoor Pools May Open Before June 14th

Today (Friday) , the government will discuss whether indoor restaurants will open before June 14. Indoor pools, spas, and saunas will also be discussed. “It is conceivable. The truth is that the epidemic is slowing significantly, and this is a fact. We’ll decide how the relaxation will take place tomorrow “Adam Vojtech, Minister of Health, told on Thursday.

It’s not just that the infection rate has dropped to 35 infected people per 100,000 people in the last seven days. The Supreme Administrative Court’s decision will also have an impact on the decision.

Meanwhile, the government initially stated that outdoor swimming pools would open at half capacity on May 31. “Only the changing rooms will be allowed inside,” Petr Arenberger said after a cabinet meeting, a day before resigning as health minister and before Prime Minister Andrej Babi proposed replacing Arenberger with Vojtech.

The government’s course of action, according to Minister Vojtech, will be influenced by both the development of the incident and the court’s decision.
“There will be some adjusting to do. It is not only dependent on the incident; there is also a legal aspect to consider. There is the Supreme Administrative Court decision, which we will have to consider, but first, we must consult with the government. It is a combination of epidemiological and legal considerations “ was informed by Vojtech.

The Supreme Administrative Court overturned a Health Ministry regulation governing restaurants, gambling halls, and casinos.

“It is unclear why the pandemic law’s reach for the purpose of blanket preventive restriction does not extend to restaurants, pubs, bars, and casinos when commercial and manufacturing operations can be restricted. However, it is not the task or mission of the judiciary to address this issue by enacting legislation that disadvantages and harms individuals and legal entities “In the ruling, Supreme Administrative Court Judge Tomas Langáek stated

Schoolchildren and people who have been vaccinated will continue to wear the face mask.
Vojtech does not believe that the fully vaccinated will be without respiratory protection at this time. “Even vaccinated people can spread the disease, though the risk is much lower. Wearing a face mask, in my opinion, is a necessary hygienic measure, especially in enclosed spaces “On Thursday, the minister told