The First Train to Croatia Departs Today

On May 28, the first train to Croatia will leave from Prague’s main rail station. So far, roughly 400 tickets have been sold, accounting for around 75% of the total capacity. According to Ales Ondruj, a spokesman for RegioJet, more than 30,000 tickets have already been sold for this year’s summer routes.

In June, a train ticket from Prague to Rijeka will cost around 490 crowns, and in July and August, it will cost 100 crowns more. A sleeping vehicle ticket will cost 790 CZK. The pricing have remained unchanged from the previous year. RegioJet trains will go to Split this year, with tickets starting at 890 kronor for a seat and 1090 kronor for a sleeper car ticket. In Zagreb, this train makes a stop.

Trains to Croatia will run three times a week in June and September, and daily in July and August. The company’s trains only ran to Rijeka last year, carrying over 60,000 passengers.

Czechs must obtain a negative PCR test or antigen test provided by a medical establishment or accredited laboratory within 48 hours of entering Croatia. It is also acceptable to show proof of vaccination or a past illness. To enter Croatia, you must first complete an arrival form and upload a file containing documentation of a test, immunization, or illness.