More and more pregnant women are intimidated by the fact of mandatory vaccination

According to research, there is confirmed evidence that Covid-19 vaccines are safe for pregnant women. If earlier vaccination of pregnant women was a question mark, today there is clear evidence that there is no risk to expectant mothers or their future children. Conversely, vaccinating women can also benefit their future children. Since the immunity afforded by the Covid-19 vaccine is passed on to the fetus, widespread vaccination will eventually lead to a generation of children with congenital resistance.

Although the risk of contracting coronavirus for pregnant women and children in general is low, studies have shown that women who become infected during pregnancy are two to three times more likely to give birth prematurely. However, vaccination significantly reduces this risk.

According to O’Brien, who is Vice President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, roughly one in five pregnant women is hesitant to get vaccinated against the coronavirus infection. Also, most pregnant women understand that vaccination is important, but some are not sure if they even want to take medical supplies during pregnancy.

However, researchers continue to insist that there is no evidence of any side effect of COVID-19 vaccines.

In November 2020, Pfizer became the first company who announced that its vaccine is effective against Covid-19. Moreover, the company has not been testing its vaccine on pregnant women yet. As a precaution, pregnant women are excluded from these studies.