More Than 20,000 Children Between the Ages of 12 and 15 Have Signed Up For Covid Vaccination

The covid-19 vaccination is now available for children aged 12 to 15. According to Lukáš Trnka, spokesman for the National Agency for Communication Technologies (NAKIT), more than 20,500 people had taken advantage of the chance by noon. In the Czech Republic, there are approximately 456,500 people in this age bracket. 

Vaccines can be given out on the first day at a few vaccination centers, with at least two in each region. At least one legal adult must accompany the youngster for the vaccination. Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines will be administered to the children. 

“Because children’s collectives can be a risk for illness dissemination and transmission to families, we believe it is critical to vaccinate children against covid-19. We believe that children who have been appropriately vaccinated will no longer be harmed by testing”, mentioned Adam Vojtěch (ANO), Minister of Health.

According to the ministry, the vaccine does not have to be delivered directly by a doctor to young people in a vaccination center. Yet, if the center is not located in a hospital, doctors must be there in case of problems. Children can be vaccinated at eight locations in Prague, Ostrava, and Ústínad Labem. 

The Covid-19 vaccinations began in the Czech Republic at the end of December last year. The elderly and healthcare personnel were among the first to be vaccinated. Vaccination has become available to other age groups over time. All people above the age of 16 can be vaccinated starting around the beginning of June. 

In the Czech Republic, 8.12 million vaccine doses have been provided, and around 3.19 million people have been fully vaccinated. For the majority of vaccines, two doses are required for complete vaccination.