Kulhánek: Czech Travelers Visiting Croatia Now Need to Present a Certificate

At the Croatian border, tourists from the Czech Republic will be required to display Covid-19 certificates. They had previously been able to travel freely throughout the country. Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhánek (ČSSD) remarked on Twitter that the previously agreed-upon conditions for entering Croatia still apply. 

Later, the diplomatic chief confirmed that the Croatian side had stated that the so-called covid passport would not be required or controlled today. People should call the embassy if they have any problems. 

Croatia, according to Kulhánek, decided in the middle of the night. The previously agreed admission rules, namely 22 days following the first dose of the covid-19 vaccination, a negative test, or having developed the disease, still apply. 

Children under the age of 12 can enter the country without limitation if accompanied by a parent or guardian with a vaccine, a negative test, or a certificate of having contracted covid-19, said Kulhanek. 

The European Covid-19 passport went into effect today to make travel inside the EU more accessible. It will be used to prove that people have been vaccinated or have passed a coronavirus test. All EU-27 nations must accept it, but they will be free to impose limitations on its holders, such as quarantines if the number of infections begins to grow again.