People Can Now Verify They Have Been Vaccinated or Tested For Covid-19 With the Help of Tečka

With the help of a mobile app, Tečka, anyone may now show they’ve been vaccinated, tested, or have the disease. This was announced on Twitter by Smart Quarantine. The software is currently only accessible on Apple phones, but it will be available for Android phones on Thursday. 

Smart Quarantine stated, “If you have an iPhone, you can download our national app right now to prove you have a valid vaccination, test, or certificate of illness in the Czech Republic and the EU.” 

The program may also register certificates for many people at once, according to the App Store. For example, the certificates show how much time is left before the Covid-19 test expires. 

When attending specific activities or traveling, people must present proof that they do not have Covid-19. People could formerly print a certificate from the Vaccination Portal to prove that they had gotten the vaccine, tested negative, or were infected.