Kúdela banned for 10 matches

SLavia’s defender, Ondřej Kudela, is still recovering from a penalty imposed by UEFA for his racist behavior during the European League match against the Rangers. 

The Scottish club Glasgow Rangers, on the other hand, welcomes this verdict, which is confirmed by the announcement published on its official website. He is dissatisfied only with the penalties imposed by the Riders’ players, the club is going to appeal against this verdict.

“I was shocked and horrified to hear such racist abuse from a professional football player.”

The incident took place at the very end of a sharp eight-final retaliation in Glasgow. Kúdela ran to Kamar, covered his mouth with his hand, and uttered an ominous sentence. The Slavic stopper claims that he called the Finnish legionary born in Tampere in a family from Sierra Leone a “fucking guy” and denied the racist content of his words. Glen Kamara, on the other hand, claimed that Kudela called him a “fucking monkey”.