Tachov drive: the driver drifted in the playground

Policie ČR

Tachov police officers received an unusual call on Thursday evening. A 30-year-old foreigner “parked” his car on the playground in Stadtrodská Street. The driver was given the maximum fine.

Traffic police officers in Tachov received a report of the accident at around 5:15 p.m. on Thursday. A 30-year-old foreigner failed to negotiate a curve in his BMW.

“The driver did not adjust his driving speed to the technical condition of the road and his abilities. He failed to control the steering on the wet road surface, put the car into a skid, and drove off in the opposite direction,” police spokeswoman Dagmar Jiroušková described.

The driver then drove over the pavement and continued on the grass for several meters until he crashed into the metal fence of a children’s playground. He remained standing in the area. “At the time of the crash, fortunately, no one was in the playground,” Jiroušková said.

Police officers estimated the damage at CZK 60,000. They ruled out alcohol consumption through a breath test. They imposed the maximum fine on the foreigner for the offense.