Severe accident in Kladno, police found the drunk driver in a field


A female passenger was seriously injured in a car accident in the Kladno region. The vehicle broke a tree after skidding and ended up overturned in a field. The woman was seriously injured and a police dog handler was called to the scene to help search for the driver. Police found him unconscious one mile away from the spot.

The Škoda Octavia car accident occurred shortly after 10 pm on Sunday near the village of Unhošt’ in the Kladno region. “The driver, born in 1977, apparently did not adjust his speed and skidded on the wet road,” police spokeswoman Michaela Richterová said on Monday. The vehicle ended up hitting a tree, which it broke, and investigators said the impact of the collision threw the car into a field, where it flipped onto its roof.

Officers were called by a passing driver who administered first aid to the female passenger in the crashed car. The woman, born in 1993, fell out of the vehicle during the crash and was seriously injured. However, the driver could not be found, and a police dog handler was called to search for him. They eventually found him in a field in the nearby village of Červený Újezd. According to police, the driver was unconscious, and firefighters helped transport him to an ambulance.

Paramedics managed to bring the man out of unconsciousness. “He told police officers that he had drunk three beers and five shots of hard alcohol before driving,” the spokeswoman said, adding that both injured persons were transported to hospital by ambulance. 

Police are further investigating the circumstances of the accident, and Richterová mentioned that it was not yet clear whether the driver had deliberately tried to run away from the accident or whether it was an act of shock, or what role alcohol played. According to investigators, neither the driver nor the female passenger was wearing seat belts.