Sexual harassment of women is a common phenomenon in the Czech Republic

According to recent representative research conducted for the organization proFem (Center for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Assault), fifty percent of women in the Czech Republic (over the age of 18) have experienced sexual violence or harassment in their lives. Even more shocking is that one out of ten women (aged 18 and above) has been raped (9.2 percent). The research examined a scale of about 1,000 male and female respondents in August 2021.

The research objective was to investigate the different forms of sexual harassment and/or violence that both women and men in the Czech Republic encounter and how they deal with them. Rape, groping, verbal sexual harassment, being forced to engage in uncomfortable sexual activities, receiving unsolicited photos or videos with sexualized content, and other sexual violence and harassment forms were all included.

The research’s key results highlight several issues about how the Czech Republic should improve to change this dangerous reality. 54 percent of the women questioned had experienced at least one type of sexual assault or harassment. One in three women has experienced more than one form of sexual abuse or harassment in their lifetime.

Almost one in every ten women (9.2%) has been raped at some point in their lives. This equates to 409,172 women. The most frequent methods of sexual harassment or violence include verbal sexual harassment and aggressive or inappropriate touching, and contact against the victim’s will. In 33% of cases, women have been subjected to this form of harassment. In addition, 17% of women have received unrequested films or photographs, and 12% have been kissed or kissed against their will.

Men are more likely to experience verbal sexual harassment, groping, fondling, and touching against their will, as well as receiving sexualized videos or pictures. Males suffer from sexual violence/harassment in considerably lower numbers than women and encounter fewer types of violence/harassment on average.