STEM:19% of Czechs oppose Covid vaccination

According to a November survey by STEM, 19% of Czechs reject vaccination against Covid, while 13% are determined not to be vaccinated. 6% of these people are still indecisive about whether they will be vaccinated in the future. 43% of respondents favored mandatory vaccination, but the same percentage of people were also opposed. Most vaccinated people expressed great interest in taking a third booster dose. The survey was conducted from November 20 to 28 and was attended by 1012 people.

62% of people in the Czech Republic are currently vaccinated with at least the first dose, while 59% are fully vaccinated. But the rest are skeptical about vaccination against Covid. “We have not seen any significant change in the vaccination rate since Easter. The number of undecided people is decreasing, while the number of those who do not want to be vaccinated increases,” STEM said. At Easter, 10% of people were firmly opposed to vaccination against Covid, which has now risen to 14%.

People with insufficient financial resources, primary education, and those aged 18 to 29 are more likely to refuse vaccination. So far, the hypothetical possibility of ultimately simplifying the vaccination procedure is not expected to make a difference in the vaccination rate of the population.

“For example, vaccinating people at home after an appointment with a doctor would not affect determined people against taking the Covid vaccine and would only play an insignificant role for those who are still hesitant or for those who want to be vaccinated but have not yet,” the statisticians explained.

Interest in the booster dose of the vaccine is highest among vaccinated people over 60. Nearly 90% of them have already received the third dose or are interested in getting it. Among those vaccinated under 30, about 75% are interested.

However, according to STEM, younger people are more hesitant. 25% of those vaccinated are indecisive about the booster dose, with the most common reason being doubts about its necessity. Some people have also become skeptical of taking the booster dose after experiencing side effects or learning from other people’s previous vaccinations.

As expected, people already vaccinated are more likely to favor compulsory vaccination, but even among them, more than 25% are opposed to this idea. Among the unvaccinated against Covid, 87% reject such a regulation. “Compared to the period at the end of August, approval for mandatory vaccination is increasing,” STEM concluded. The highest number of supporters is among ANO voters, while SPD supporters are the most likely to reject mandatory vaccination.