The Ministry of Health considers further restrictions before Christmas

Photo: Právo

The Ministry of Health considers tightening the anti-epidemic measures before the Christmas holidays. Deputy Health Minister Martina Koziar Vasáková admitted this on Sunday. According to the Deputy Health Minister, the measures should concern the number of people in indoor spaces, mainly affecting cultural events.

“We currently have a lot of proposals for new measures,” said Vašáková. She specified that the debate now revolves around limiting people at mass events to indoor spaces. “Which, of course, will certainly bother many operators of, for example, cultural events,” she added.

“We could avoid this situation if more people were vaccinated,” Vašáková pointed out.

At the same time, she reiterated that the ministry does not consider lockdowns a solution. According to Vašáková, rules during lockdown periods have been violated before. “We know that in the past, during the toughest lockdown, illegal discos, for example, were organized in Prague,” the deputy commented.

The current evolution of the epidemic, according to some forecasts, may mark the beginning of a slowdown in the spread of the disease, but the pressure on hospitals remains enormous.