The British Research Suggests Massive Events are just as Dangerous as Going to a Shop

Early research shows that attending mass celebrations in Britain, including raves, free from masks or social distance, is as healthy as going shopping or restaurants.

Early findings from the Government Events Research Program (ERP) suggest that the possibility of a massive outbreak at large events like festivals, raves, and football matches can be reduced substantially by screening, ventilation, and other mitigating factors. 

The government of Boris Johnson is supposed to use the final data to form how the United Kingdom will come out of the lockout, but the findings will not contribute to the current strain of B.1.617, which is also referred to as the Indian variant.

The findings also anticipate Covid-status certification to increase the accessibility of major events for individuals willing to undergo testing in advance, have antibodies or have been vaccinated. An announcement of a decision on this is expected before 21 June.

The two-part rave in Liverpool hosted by Circus was one of the activities in the ERP. Prior to arrival, the guests had to show a negative lateral flux examination, but without restrictions, they could mix and dance.