The Czech Republic is to provide Ukraine with additional military equipment worth 725 million

Michal Kamaryt

The Czech Republic will provide Ukraine with additional military equipment worth at least CZK 725 million. Defence Minister Jana Černochová did not specify the equipment for security reasons but said it would be based on a list of items requested by the Ukrainian government.

So far, the country has sent machine guns, assault rifles, submachine guns, and cartridges for these weapons to Ukraine. It has also provided other unspecified military equipment and medical aid.

The Czech government has donated ammunition, small arms, anti-aircraft missiles, and medical supplies worth approximately CZK 725 million to Ukraine in recent weeks. The Ministry of Defence did not disclose the form of some of the delivered material. Czech companies are also involved in other deliveries. However, their representatives do not want to talk about specific assistance for security reasons. However, members of the security community suggest that it is not only light weapons but also so-called heavy weapons, i.e., military wheeled equipment.

Černochová also criticized the UN’s current stance on the conflict in Ukraine. According to the minister, the organization should reconsider its current policy as Russia has persistently violated human rights in Ukraine. For example, after today’s bombing of a Ukrainian base 20 kilometers from the Polish border, she suggested sending peacekeeping troops to Ukraine to monitor security along humanitarian corridors.

“If the UN cannot establish such rules to ensure that human rights are not violated in such a way, then let it disband,” she said. Next week, she will also meet with the US and British defense ministers about this issue. On the other hand, the minister is against NATO’s involvement in the conflict.