Respirators are required only on public transport and hospitals

On Monday, the obligation to wear respirators and face masks in most indoor areas ends, except for public transport and health and social care facilities.

The Czech Republic mandated mandatory respirators outside the home on March 19, 2020, one of the first countries in Europe to do so; most others only recommended it at the time.

However, it became apparent that the Czech Republic did not have sufficient face masks, respirators, and other protective equipment for this situation. People, therefore, resorted in large numbers to sewing drapes at home, and the government included haberdasheries among the shops open for this purpose.

This year’s wave of covid, caused mainly by the omicron variant, began to fade in early February. Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, COVID has ceased to be an issue, although the Health Ministry warns that more variants may come in subsequent waves.

There were 4,422 newly confirmed cases in the Czech Republic on Saturday, down 139 week-on-week. It’s the lowest Saturday increase in nine weeks. The number of tests carried out fell by a fifth. Since January 25, hospitalizations with COVID were fewer than 2,000 on Saturday for the first time.