The gas exploded in a building in the center of Zlín

Photo:Městská policie Zlín, ČTK

A gas explosion occurred in a massage parlor in a building on Míru square in Zlín on Tuesday. The firefighters received notification of the blast at about 12:30 p.m. Ten people had to be evacuated while the site of the explosion and its surroundings were sealed off. 

Units from Zlín, Otrokovice, and Fryšták immediately went to the scene. After the explosion, two police officers ran into the building, slightly inhaled smoke, and ended up in the care of the ambulance service, but their health was fine. In addition, the police evacuated ten people from the lower part of the building before our arrival. There was no information about more injuries.

According to Pavel Janík, deputy director of the Zlín city police, the explosion occurred on the third floor of the multi-store building. “Glass shards, pieces of windows and other objects that were thrown out by the explosion onto the square fell among passers-by, some of whom can speak of incredible luck, “Janík stated.

He said officers entered the building after the explosion, evacuated people, and shut off the main gas supply. Firefighters, who have high-rise equipment at their disposal, searched the house in the regional city center.

“There was a gas explosion on the premises of the massage establishment. The gas has been turned off. The explosion damaged the windows and the equipment of the establishment, with shards flying halfway across the square. A structural engineer was, therefore, requested to inspect the building,” Javoříková confirmed.