The Government Should Consider Revising Measures On Wearing Respirators Indoors

The government is to approve a modified measure by the Ministry of Health on wearing respirators indoors at an online session this afternoon. The ministry will add a justification as requested by the Supreme Administrative Court.

The court struck down the measure requiring the mandatory wearing of respirators indoors on Tuesday, saying the verdict would be effective in three days from the time it becomes final. The cabinet will also take up the union’s proposal to give civil servants vaccinated against covid two extra days of paid leave.

In private mode, the ministers will discuss the aid for the Czech soldiers’ collaborators in Afghanistan, which President MiloŇ° Zeman interceded for on Thursday. The plan was designed to save the lives of several dozen Afghans, primarily interpreters, at the last minute. The aid would cover about 30 Afghans and their families.

The government will also consider a proposal to make it unnecessary for children between the ages of six and 12 to have a pre-arrival test for covid-19 when they return with their parents from holidays in countries with a high or very high risk of contracting covid-19. The proposal would make it mandatory for them to have a PCR test upon arrival without the need for quarantine.