The Matějská pouť in Prague is in full swing


Ukrainian children were cheered by the Matějská pouť at the Prague Exhibition Grounds. On Monday, not only was the traditional day for the disabled held, but this year it also belonged to children fleeing the war. They could try out all the attractions for free.

The Matějská pouť takes place in the lower part of the complex and will be open until Easter Monday, April 18. 

Due to the reconstruction of the Industrial Palace, the Matějská pouť takes place only in the lower part of the complex, so it offers about third fewer attractions this year than in previous years.

“There are now more than 100 attractions, including games, shooting galleries, and stalls. New this year is the biggest adrenaline ride in Europe, called Airborne. It’s a sixty-five-meter high arm that spins at speeds of up to 120 km/h, and benches spin in all directions,” Kočková, co-organizer of the Matějská pouť, says.

In addition to the biggest adrenaline rush, the Matějská pouť also offers a Ferris wheel, an eighty-meter-long chain carousel, a haunted house, a roller coaster, and car racing.

It is always open from Tuesday to Friday for free and on weekends for an entrance fee of 30 crowns. The price of individual attractions then ranges from 50 to 150 crowns.