The omicron variant is possibly detected in the Czech Republic

“At the moment, one of the sequencing laboratories in the Czech Republic is verifying the possible presence of a positive sample of the omicron variant in our country. We are waiting for the confirmation or refutation of this detection,” said Štěpánka Čechová, spokesperson for the SZÚ.

Whether the suspected positive sample detected by the discriminatory PCR test is indeed an omicron variant cannot be predicted at this time, she said. “It is necessary to wait for the results of the whole-genome sequencing, which requires some time, ” Čechová added.

Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (ANO) also pointed out that the result still needs to be confirmed. “Now, the laboratories are carrying out the whole-genome sequence. Only then will it be possible to say with certainty whether this type of virus is present in our country or not, ” he wrote on Twitter.

The competent Regional Hygiene Station (KHS) conducts an epidemiological investigation and implements anti-epidemic measures to ensure that the infection does not spread further from the source. According to the information available to us, the person in question stated that he had been in Namibia before returning to the Czech Republic, ” Čechová also said.

She did not specify which hygiene station was involved. According to information, the suspect is a woman from Liberec.