Two people died in a fire at an apartment in Prague

A man and a woman died in a fire at an apartment in Prague’s Podolí district. On Saturday evening, two units of Prague firefighters responded to a reported fire in an apartment in Podolská Street, near the Podolská waterworks. Criminal investigators are looking into the case.

“During the intervention, two people were gradually found and we had to resuscitate them and then handed them over to the care of paramedics. Firefighters had to carry waste out of the apartment to get to the fire outbreak,” said firefighters’ spokeswoman Lucie Jelínková.

Podolská Street had to be closed. Firefighters managed to eliminate the fire after several dozen minutes.”Our crews fought for more than half an hour for the lives of a man and a woman, both aged around 70, but the resuscitation of both patients was unfortunately unsuccessful and, unfortunately, the doctor was forced to pronounce both of them dead,” rescue spokeswoman Jana Poštová said. 

Criminal investigators also arrived at the scene and will investigate the whole incident together with the fire brigade. Later, firefighters also found a dog in a severe situation inside the apartment and handed it immediately over to PedMedico, but it didn’t manage to survive the fire either.