Unusual rescue in Brno as a senior woman fell and was left hanging from a paternoster

MP Brno

On Tuesday morning, Brno police officers and firefighters performed an unusual rescue. They helped a senior woman who fell while riding in the paternoster lift in the building of the Czech Post near the main railway station. She got her leg stuck and hung upside down, but fortunately, the rescue was successful in the end. 

The woman was brought to the attention of a foreigner who found the officers outside the post office at the main railway station and urgently asked for help in English. The patrol ran into the building and was met with an unusual sight.

“A senior citizen was hanging upside down by one leg from a height of about two meters, and two men were trying to support her. Her lower limb was stuck between the car and the wall of the elevator. Officers immediately helped the woman to make her as light as possible, “Jakub Ghanem, spokesman for the officers, explained the scene.

The patrol held the 74-year-old woman this way for seven minutes before the firefighters arrived and slid a transport bed underneath her. They then cut out part of the wooden structure of the paternoster and freed the woman.

Officers said the woman was mentally OK, but her stuck leg was in pain. “She still complained to the officers about her clumsiness and sighed that if someone had told her about a similar situation, she would not have believed them. However, she could not explain how she happened to fall out of the lift with practically her whole body during the upward journey,” Ghanem stated. Paramedics eventually drove her to the hospital.