Vietnam Has Discovered a Coronavirus Hybrid That Combines Indian and British Mutations

A novel coronavirus variety has been discovered in Vietnam that combines Indian and British mutations. According to local online news site VnExpress, Vietnamese Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long stated that the new version is spreading swiftly through the air. 

Last year, Vietnam was able to stop the spread of covid-19. It is now dealing with a fresh outbreak, and the sickness is spreading rapidly. Since the end of April, 3600 people have been affected in 31 of the 63 cities and provinces. According to Reuters, this is more than half of the total number of people sick. 

“We discovered a novel variety that is a mixture of Indian and British after scanning the genes of the newly detected patients,” stated Nguyen Thanh Long. “To be more specific,” he continued, “it is an Indian variety with mutations that originally belonged to the British variation,” adding that the newly found variety would be introduced in Vietnam soon. 

The new variation transfers data at a faster rate than prior types. Long explained that laboratory cultures of the latest version revealed that the virus multiplied extraordinarily quickly, which explains why so many new cases have appeared in various locations in such a short period. 

So far, 6,396 cases have been documented in the Southeast Asian country, with 47 fatal cases. The population of the country is around 98 million people.