Vojtěch: PCR tests will continue to be recognized

Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (ANO) said on Saturday that he had received the opinion of the opposition AntiCovid team regarding further measures to control the epidemic. He said that he does not see any new recommendations on the current measures. Still, in agreement with the AntiCovid team, he will propose to the government that it will be possible to continue to prove infection-freeness with PCR tests.

They don’t want to go down the route of fighting the epidemic as in Austria but agree to abolish self-tests and antigen tests if there is sufficient capacity for PCR. That would mean that the unvaccinated and those who have not been proven to have had a COVID would be denied access to restaurants, stadiums, or other places where it is now necessary to prove that they are free of infection.

“We respect their view and will therefore go to Monday’s Cabinet meeting with a measure that will introduce the OTN (Vaccination-Transmitted-Test – Illness; ed.) with PCR tests only,” the minister added.

Antigen tests and self-tests will no longer suffice as proof of infection-free status.

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) said this week that a significant change to the measure would be introduced from November 29th. The government’s Health Risks Council mentioned the Austrian model of a lockdown for the Unvaccinated as options.