Vojtěch: The Measures Will be Tightened For People Who Are Returning to the Czech Republic

The government will tighten procedures for those returning to the Czech Republic from dangerous areas, according to Health Minister Adam Vojtěch. The cause of this is the global spread of the coronavirus mutation delta, which is currently affecting several countries. In the Czech Republic, several cases have already been documented. 

Restrictive measures for people returning to the Czech Republic from dangerous nations will probably be implemented in the next few days. “The restrictions will be on that import. The limits are in place to prevent the spread of the delta mutation,” said the health ministry chief.

According to the minister and specialists, the virus enters the country through “imports,” or goods from other countries. The measures, according to Vojtěch, should target people who enter the Czech Republic from countries that have been classified as high-risk in this regard. 

There will be certain safeguards, but there is no threat of a lockdown. “We don’t want to go into lockdown or shut down mode. According to the legislation, we are unable to do so,” pointed Vojtěch. However, the minister of health stated that we must prevent the spread of the delta version.