A cable car with a hundred skiers got stuck in Monínec

Miroslav Šára

On Friday afternoon, a cable car with about a hundred skiers got stuck in the ski resort Monínec in the Příbram region. Firefighters rushed to the place, but their help was not needed because the ski resort staff was able to cope.

The firefighters received information about the stuck cable car at two o’clock in the afternoon, and several units immediately went to the site.

“Central and South Bohemian climbers, as well as a helicopter from Prague, went to help the people on the cable car. In the end, their help was not needed, and they were recalled. The cable car stopped because of a jammed bearing, ” fire department spokeswoman Dagmar Zemanová said.

According to her, people are gradually being brought down from the cable car manually by the complex workers, apparently by moving individual seats. Skiers are being given hot tea. Fortunately, no one was injured. Several firefighters remained on the scene.