As hospital admissions continue to rise, Babiš announces a new strategy

Due to the increase in the number of patients hospitalized with covid and the rising numbers of new cases, the Health Ministry is to present a new strategy on Thursday. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) announced this on Twitter on Wednesday.

“Covid numbers are getting worse; more people end up in hospitals, primarily unvaccinated. Vaccination is the only way to beat covid. Don’t underestimate it, “the Prime Minister urged people to get vaccinated.

Babiš announced that he had convened a Health Risks Council for Thursday, while the health ministry will present its next strategy. There are currently 388 people in hospitals with covid, 78 of whom are in severe conditions requiring connection to artificial lung ventilation or extracorporeal circulation. Although these are low numbers compared to last year and the spring wave of the epidemic, more people were last hospitalized in early June.

More than six million people in the country have had the complete vaccination so far, with more than 26,000 having already received the booster third dose or second dose in the case of the single-dose vaccine. The vaccination rate has been slowly declining in recent weeks, with the number of vaccinations reported per day hovering around less than ten thousand.

To give an idea, in June, for example, the average weekly number of vaccinations reported per day was around 100 000.