Lidl to recall 17.5 tonnes of minced meat due to a high level of antibiotics

The Lidl chain was ordered to recall nearly 17.5 tonnes of minced pork, which they found 60 times over the limit for antibiotics. The Polish product was processed in the Czech Republic by the company Maso Polička. People should not consume the minced pork but they can return it to the shop where they bought it, Petr Majer said on Thursday on behalf of the State Veterinary Administration (SVS).

“SVS inspectors took a sample from a consignment of pork mince imported from Poland at the producer’s premises. Subsequent testing showed a significantly above-limit content of amoxicillin in the sample. The level detected was 60 times higher than the limit of 50 µg/kg,” said the veterinarians. The goods were dispatched to Lidl warehouses on 3 October.

The meat was labeled as Pork Mince 20 percent, weighed 1 kg, batch number: 207237 with a best before 10 October 2021.

The antibiotic above the limit was amoxicillin, which belongs to the penicillin group. “Penicillins generally have low toxicity but can cause allergic reactions in some individuals,” the spokesman added.

Emergency measures were in place in the Czech Republic from late February to late March the year before last because of the discovery of salmonella in a roughly 700-kilogram shipment of beef from Poland and previous inadequate information about meat imports from a slaughterhouse that slaughtered sick cows in Poland’s Mazovia province.