People are receiving text messages about the third dose of the COVID vaccine

Nearly 8,000 people who were among the first in the country to complete the covid-19 vaccination received a text message on their mobile phones that they can have a third dose to strengthen their resistance to infection.

Most of them are health workers or seniors living in residential care facilities. By the end of September, about 40,000 people will be eligible for a vaccine. This year, more than one million people will be able to be vaccinated again.

Doctors may recommend a third dose for some seriously ill people, especially those with weakened immunity, earlier than eight months after the vaccination is completed. These include people who have had organ transplants.

For the third dose, people can come to hospitals, most preferring to register online in advance. Some will vaccinate third doses today, especially interested members of their staff. Pfizer or Moderna vaccines will be administered. 

Experts recommend combining the covid-19 vaccination with the flu vaccination in the autumn.