The government has partially backed down. Covid tests will remain free for people under 18

Preventive tests for covid will continue to be covered by health insurance from September for people under 18. This follows an emergency measure approved by the government.

The cabinet of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) originally planned that everyone over 12 years of age for whom vaccination is available should pay for the tests from September. Testing will also be free for people who are unable to get vaccinated for health reasons and for people who have started the vaccination but have not yet completed it.

For others, there will be a charge for tests, for example, for attending cultural or sporting events. Completion of vaccination is defined as two weeks after the second dose for two-dose vaccines or two weeks after the first dose for single-dose vaccines.

Representatives of culture, tourism and swimming pool operators have previously spoken out against the decision to abolish payment for preventive tests.